Real-Time Data Streams That Drive Engagement

Strengthen relationships using data insights, making every customer engagement count.

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Engagement Optimization Toolbox

Our suite of services provides the bridge between First Party/Second Party data and sustained engagement.

Lead Data Appending

Boost the quality of your leads through our data appending services, which enrich and augment crucial information.

Sales Data Pipeline

Streamlines sales processes by automating the collection and analysis of vital data, providing business insights and improving sales productivity.

CRM Automation + AI

Optimize customer relationship management systems by streamlining workflows, enhancing data insights, and appending AI outputs to records.

CDP Setup & Analytics

Use CDP analytics to combine customer information from various sources and identify patterns that help better understand and engage with them.

Tracking Pixel Management

Optimize your website’s tracking pixels with our data solutions for better understanding of user behavior and enhanced retargeting audiences.

Proprietary Data Feeds

Access accurate, real-time data from reliable partners through our data feeds solution and seamlessly integrate it into your CDP, CRM, or Advertising system.

As data plays a bigger role in business, companies that use all their data tools will thrive and grow. Those who don’t will fall behind.”

Julio Lopez

Director, Lux Marketing Agency

Examples of how Lux Lytics helps Small Businesses

Newsletter Optimization

Tailoring email newsletter banners based on what readers like or click on, ensuring ads and articles match their interests. This approach keeps readers engaged and boosts ad revenue.

Targeted Real Estate Marketing

Alerting real estate agents when someone shows interest in property topics online, so they can reach out while the person’s interest is high, increasing chances of a sale.

Construction Ad Retargeting Strategy

Helping a construction company show ads to people who’ve looked at home improvement content, making ads more relevant and increasing the likelihood of winning new projects.

Data-Driven Upselling for Meal Prep Company

Analyzing past orders to recommend additional, complementary products from a related brand, making suggestions feel personal and enhancing customer satisfaction while increasing sales.

Leverage Data to Strengthen Your Business

Enhance Marketing Campaigns

  • Data appending enables the creation of highly personalized marketing content, leading to increased customer engagement and brand recognition.
  • Use detailed customer behavior patterns, allowing for targeted offers and promotions that resonate with customers’ preferences.
  • Make data-driven decisions for future campaigns, maximizing the return on investment.
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Make Better Decisions

  • CDP analytics provides a holistic understanding of the customer base, helping you identify opportunities for growth.
  • With well-informed decisions about resource allocation, a business can optimize its overall operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Adapting service and pricing based on customer preferences and market demand improves customer satisfaction.

Our Partners

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Tap into purchase intent data to enhance engagement. Partner with us to monetize your data, unlocking new revenue streams.